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Looking for a
5-a-side in your area?

Strkr helps you join or organise the perfect football games in your area.
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Arrange games without the hassle of military-style planning

Use the app to set up a match in three easy steps:

  • Pick a date
  • Choose a venue
  • Confirm

What if the details change or you need to cancel?
Don’t worry; you won’t need to frantically phone around. All your friends will be notified.

Find the nearest games

You can easily find the nearest games by checking games in my area. You’ll be able to search by your exact location or do a wider search of your town or city’s postcode.

Is your goalie stuck in the office? We’ll help you out.

The hardest thing about arranging games is juggling players’ busy lives and avoiding last minute drop outs. And when friends’ plans change last minute, you’re often forced to cancel the game. That’s why Strkr lets you make your game go public. You can notify all your friends and players looking for a game in your area.

And some awesome features

We work really hard to make organising a game really easy.

Be kept updated

Is the venue changing? Or maybe the game has been delayed? Strkr will notify all players of any changes.

Talk to me

Every event has a chat option so you can share useful information with your mates. Or more likely, it’s just going to be used for banter.

Bring guests

All your friends should have Strkr but in the unlikely scenario they don’t, you can add them as guests.

Vote for Man-of-the-Match

Maybe you are playing with the new ‘Ronaldinho’? If so, let others know how amazing they are by choosing them as Man-of-the-Match.

Find reliable players

Maybe there’s this guy who always cancels at the very last minute? If someone doesn’t show up, the organiser can flag that player as a ‘no-show’.

Add new venues

Can’t find your nearby sports ground or park? you can use our Add a Venue tool and a new location.

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